Cat is your nerdy friend who loves drawing, anime, cosplay, and gaming. Feeble Attempt is her passion project to exercise creativity, share experiences, and try new things. What started as a creative outlet to heal from burnout, has become a safe haven for creatives who also feel overwhelmed. Come see snarky fun art & follow the adventure at @FeebleAttempt on IG/FB, and grab your “anxious creative” swag here at FeebleAttempt.net

Hand-Made Creations

Here you will find my traditional artwork. Everything in this category is custom-made to your specifications. Currently, these items are only available for local pickup.


Faux-Fur Animal Ears

Illustrated Merch

  • Feeble Attempt Family

Here you will find my artwork designed onto all sorts of useful items! Everything in this category is printed in the US/Canada.


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[wccs_showcase id=’2936′]




Drop-ship Picks

  • variations
  • variations

Here you will find a collection of cute affordable items curated by yours truly.