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Cat is your nerdy friend who loves drawing, anime, cosplay, and gaming. Feeble Attempt is her passion project to exercise creativity, share experiences, and try new things. What started as a creative outlet to heal from burnout, has become a safe haven for creatives who also feel overwhelmed. Come see snarky fun art and follow the adventure at @FeebleAttempt on IG/FB and grab your ‘anxious creative’ swag here at FeebleAttempt.net

What is a “Feeble Attempt”

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Why would you name your brand that?

There are several reasons actually, despite the term having negative connotations; I choose to view it positively. Here is what the meaning of feeble attempt is to me:


  1. I have shaky hands due to a genetic condition known as “essential/familial tremor.” In addition to that, they have always been kind of weak making it difficult to even open a water bottle. In cold climates, they turn red/purple quickly, even indoors which also contributes to a feeble appearance. I often have to explain to people that I’m not nervous as I shakily hold something in front of them or they notice my hands tremble. Although these “shaky old-lady hands” betray me at times, they also allow me to create my work, and for that, I love them as they are.
  2. Mental health struggles sometimes have me feeling like a “bed-ridden 99-year-old woman.” Sometimes, it feels easier to tell yourself you aren’t putting in the maximum amount of effort rather than to admit that you have put in 200% and the results don’t meet your own or societal expectations. Kind of related to “spoon theory”, sometimes just getting in the shower takes a lot of work but can seem superficial in the scheme of things.
  3. Honestly, I think the word Feeble just sounds super cute. Something you want to protect and cherish like a small animal. I’ve learned to apply that compassion to myself and my work over the years and want to help others through hard times.


  1. I have always liked the word attempt more than try. To me trying something ends in one of two ways; never doing it again or integrating it into your routine until it loses all novelty. An attempt is constant, sometimes frustrating, but always rewarding.
  2. An attempt is about creating experiences and learning new things. The journey is more important than the destination and helps relieve the pressure of perfectionism. This one is good enough for now and will get better over time.

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