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I’m so lucky to have these wonderful people in my life. Classmates, colleagues, and friends continually amaze me with their talents as they grow.

Aiko Wan

Akita and Shiba print clothing and accessories (gabber gear) made in Hawaii.

We (the Wans) design gabber fabrics and make gabber gear in Honolulu, Hawaii. If you saw something on my IG that isn’t listed here, just ask! It’s probably just that I haven’t gotten around to uploading it to my shop yet.

Quanna McCree

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SofiQ by Design is about showcasing and promoting black women in a different light. Her art is a reflection of personal interests and experiences.

Quanna (pronounced Quan-NAY), has been creating art for as long as she can remember. Ever since she was a kid, she always loved the beauty in cartoons. From then on, she went to college to pursue her passions and freelances on the side while building her brand. Her ultimate goal is to make animations and have a series of graphic novels.

Her hobbies include traveling, fashion, and indulging in nerdy passions such as cosplay and anime.

Lauren Schmidt

Lauren Schmidt

Lauren is a 2D animator, character designer, and storyboard artist located in Brooklyn, NY. She has worked with clients such as Topic, HBO, Sesame Tv, Supercell, Brighthouse Financial, Cadbury, and more. She also writes and illustrates independent webcomics.

Much of Lauren’s original work is character-driven and explores bright colors, quirky personalities, and humor.

Lauren enjoys plants, dancing, bad literature, Animal Crossing, drawing fashionable women, telling stories, and trying to make people laugh.


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