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(fibəl)Word forms: feeblerfeeblest1. ADJECTIVEIf you describe someone or something as feeble, you mean that they are weak.He told them he was old and feeble and was not able to walk so far.Synonyms: weak, failing, exhausted, weakened   More Synonyms of feeblefeeblyADVERB [ADV with v]His left hand moved feebly at his side.2. ADJECTIVEIf you describe something that someone says as feeble, you mean that it is not very good or convincing.This is a particularly feeble argument.Synonyms: unconvincing, poor, thin, weakMore Synonyms of feeble

feeble in American English

(ˈfibəl)ADJECTIVEWord forms: ˈfeebler or ˈfeeblestweak; not strong; specif.,a. infirma feeble old manb.  without force or effectivenessa feeble light, a feeble attemptc.  easily broken; fraila feeble barrierSIMILAR WORDS:  weakWebster’s New World College Dictionary, 4th Edition. Copyright © 2010 by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt. All rights reserved.Derived formsfeebleness (ˈfeebleness) NOUNfeebly (ˈfeebly) ADVERBWord originME feble < OFr faible, feble < L flebilis, to be wept over < flere, to weep < IE base *bhlē-, to howl > bleat, blareWord Frequency     

feeble in American English

(ˈfibəl)ADJECTIVEWord forms: -bler-blest1. physically weak, as from age or sickness; frail2. weak intellectually or morallya feeble mind3. lacking in volume, loudness, brightness, distinctness, etca feeble voicefeeble light4. lacking in force, strength, or effectivenessfeeble resistancefeeble argumentsMost material © 2005, 1997, 1991 by Penguin Random House LLC. Modified entries © 2019 by Penguin Random House LLC and HarperCollins Publishers LtdDerived formsfeeblenessNOUNfeeblishADJECTIVEfeeblyADVERBWord origin[1125–75; ME feble ‹ OF, var. of fleible (by dissimilation) ‹ L flēbilis lamentable, equiv. to flē(re) to weep + -bilis -ble]Word Frequency     

feeble in British English

(ˈfiːbəl)ADJECTIVE1. lacking in physical or mentalstrength; frail; weak2. inadequate; unconvincingfeeble excuses3. easilyinfluenced or indecisive

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Derived forms feebleness (ˈfeebleness) NOUNfeebly (ˈfeebly) ADVERBWord originC12: from Old French feble, fleible, from Latin flēbilis to be lamented, from flēre to weep

In other languages: feeble

British English: feeble  adjective /ˈfiːbl/If you describe someone or something as feeble, you mean that they are weak.He told them he was old and feeble and was not able to walk so far.

  • American English: feeble  /ˈfibəl/
  • Brazilian Portuguese: débil 
  • Chinese: 虚弱的
  • European Spanish: débil 
  • French: faible 
  • German: schwach 
  • Italian: debole 
  • Japanese: 弱い
  • Korean: 약한
  • European Portuguese: débil 
  • Spanish: débil 
  • Thai: อ่อนแอ

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